St.Bride’s church in Fleet Street, London.
(with Petra Hajduchova)

1.J. S. Bach: Sonata No1(1st and 4th M.v.t) in G-minor for Solo Violin, BWV1001  (0-7,07)
2. J. Sibelius: 5 pices for Violin and Piano Op.81 No.2-Mazuruka (7,30-10,02)
3. Rebecca Clerke: Midsommer Moon (10,33-16,55)
4. J. Sibelius: 5 pices for Violin and Piano Op.81 No.2-Rondino (17,05-18,40)
5. F. Delius: Sonata No3 for Violin and Piano-1st M.v.t (18,54-24,24)
6. G. Faure: Berceuse Op. 16 (24,34-27,55)
7. F. Kreisler: Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven (28,05-30,37)
8. E. Elgar: Salut d’Amour Op.12 (30,45-33,05)




Lunchtime concert at the Wesley’s chapel in London on 9th June,2015.

Fumi Otsuki(violin) and Maria Milanova(piano).

These youtube videos were taken at my concert at the Wesley’s chapel on 9th June,2015. I hope that you will enjoy to watch them.

1st mov only in the youtube video for the piece by Smetana.

The performance contents of the day

>>Violin & Piano
Henryk Wieniawski: Legende, Op.17
Bedrich Smetana: From the homeland(1st mov.:Moderato,2nd mov.:Anadantino,Moderato), JB 1:118, T.128.
Gabriel Faure: Berceuse, Op.16.
Fritz Kreisler: Marche miniature viennoise.
Edwad Elgar: Salut d’amour, Op.12.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata No. 1 in G minor for solo violin, BWV 1001.

Fumi Otsuki: Allegor giocoso(about the landscape around the Tokyo skytree tower for piano solo).